A non-profit product design studio

We specialise in creating products for low-resource and low-bandwidth areas and making digital tools that will deliver sustainable impact for their users.

Partnership based innovation and ideation

Working closely with you and our networks to identify and create the optimal intervention

User Research & Rapid Prototyping

We research and test near-fit solutions in the field to understand the what actually works

Design, Delivery & Project Management

We build long term partnerships to delivery sustainable innovations

10 years ago we identified a problem, where a simple digital solution, would have transformative effects on the development of a health system. So we built it.

Globally, there are thousands more problems like that one. 

Global Health Service works with partners to identify these problems and build sustainable digital solutions.

Our Work

Global Health Service has been delivering the MedcineAfrica Platform which aims to improve healthcare capacity in Somaliland. It is part of the Department for International Development’s SPHEIR Programme. It is a partnership between King’s College, THET, Amoud University, Edna Adan University and Hargeisa University.

Our Approach

Global Health Service's approach is based on over a decade's worth of experience operating in low-resource settings. We know that incorrect implementation of technology causes more problems than it solves, so the cornerstones of our approach are user research, rapid prototyping and sustainable development.

Our Partners

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Our team

Meet the team behind our work
Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas

Project Director

Over a decade of experience in digital. Building solutions and products large and small.
Loves: Danish design, hammocks, campfires
Loathes: rubbish cycle lanes, style over substance

Clare Woods

Clare Woods


Has worked on the delivery and adoption of innovative products in both startups and NHS organisations.
Loves: dinner parties, horror movies, the sea
Loathes: leaf blowers, dystopian future novels

Chris Tan

Chris Tan

Strategy Director

Medical specialist and start-up co-founder.
Loves: Brazilian barbecue and carnival
Loathes: Getting food poisoning in Somaliland

Alexander Finlayson

Alexander Finlayson


Doctor, professor, entrepreneur and startup founder
Loves: bright colours, skiing and bagpipes
Loathes: confusion